Wk#15: Art Experience – Finger Painting

The past couple of weeks have been quite stressful for me, so I was so relieved with the art activity of the week. This was such a therapeutic activity because I didn’t have to put much thought into anything. I had four different poster paint containers of red, yellow, green and blue. I dipped each finger into separate color containers. I swiped my hand in different directions, trying to fill up empty white spaces. Overall, I think my piece is very simple and I definitely played it safe. I didn’t want to add any more lines or different strokes because I was afraid of making it ugly. I would say this was harder than I expected because this was actually the third painting I made. I wasn’t happy with my first two pieces, so I set it off to the side and started all over again. Originally, I wanted to mix different colors into different shades like light blue, purple, light purple and so on. But I mixed too many colors and it turned into brown.

This painting activity is quite different compared to Graffiti Writing in September. I felt like I was really connected between the paper and paint in the finger painting exercise. It was easier to imagine things and execute it as planned. Graffiti, on the other hand, was really frustrating because I couldn’t execute it as planned. My hands were constantly shaking while doing the graffiti exercise, but I felt really relaxed while painting with my fingers.




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