& That’s a wrap! – Feedback

Last semester, my friend Nancy recommended that I should take this Art 110 and I’m so glad I did. I had no idea what this class was like. I remember she mentioned that I would have to write blog posts, which I was really skeptical about because writing is definitely not one of my strong points. I really enjoy this blog writing style because it’s really all up to me what I should write about. In my opinion, writing a blog post is much easier to do compared to the art discussions of the week.  I feel as though I’m constantly competing with my peers while doing the art discussions.

My top 3 favorite art activities this semester are 1. plaster casting 2. graffiti writing 3. sketching in the garden.

I really like to be outdoors and it was nice to be able to go to the beach, a backyard, and a garden to do my homework. I personally liked plaster casting because I got to spend it with my family and friends. Not having a clue what the outcome would be like and waiting was really fun and the most anticipated activity this semester.

My least favorite ones are vlogs, flipbooks, landscape with a corpse. Talking to a camera was one thing, but posting it online for the world to see is another. I don’t like how uncomfortable I am talking in front of a camera. I really didn’t like the vlogs activity so much so that I didn’t even watch the video after I posted it. I know it would make me cringe.

I’m not really sure how I liked the concept of making our IDs on index cards, but I did enjoy finding a classmate or two and connecting our cards to create a bigger picture. It was good because I got to get to know my classmates while doing something relaxing. I feel like I was more comfortable talking to them when I was constantly doing something rather than asking a few questions then call it a day.

This hybrid class was overwhelming at first, but it definitely got better when I picked up a pattern. The first couple of weeks into the semester I felt bombarded with information and I had no idea where to find what. I prefer traditional classrooms because I get to listen to the professor talk rather than find information on my own. After I was able to make a pattern (& have my artist conversation outline typed out), I think a hybrid class structure was a good choice.

As for the school of art galleries and artist conversation, I noticed how some classmates are better at talking to the artist than others. I realized how artists feel awkward and uncomfortable when too many students are crowded around the artist asking questions just to get the assignment done. Although I thought it was a good concept getting to know an artist and their work, I think there should be a better more fluid way of gaining insight from artists.

I don’t think the art discussion was really effective in my opinion. I noticed a lot of people don’t have as much content compared to the beginning of the semester. Recently the paragraphs are becoming shorter and shorter and people are repeating what other people have written. I think it would be better to make the discussion more interactive.


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