Wk #14: Art Experience – Instagram

Wednesday, November 30, 2016 was Instagram Day. We posted what we did throughout the day. People posted various pictures such as places they went, the food the ate, the people they saw. Although I had a love/hate relationship with this activity, I’m glad I was able to partake in it. I’ll tell you why.



I’ll have to admit, I’m a really nosy person. I like to see what people like to do in their free time, whether I know them personally or not. I’m not really sure why. My sister gets weirded out that I like watching vlogs on YouTube in my free time. Vlogs are interesting because it seems so real to me. Unlike actors and actresses who are paid to read from a script that somebody else wrote, vlogs consist of people exploring the world or sitting down talking to their camera.  So the reason why I enjoyed this assignment is because I get to see what people do throughout their day. Even if it was something as small as a picture of their studying material to a photo of place on campus.



If it was any other day, I think my day would consist of any other school day similarly to my peers. Waking up early going to school, work, then go back home. The day of our Instagram assignment was also the day of my grandma’s funeral. She passed away at 78, due to cancer. While others were sitting in a desk listening to their professor, I was sitting in a chapel listening to my grandpa reminiscing about my grandma. While others were commuting to and from school, I was getting police escorted to and from the cemetery. Documenting the day was at the time: weird (that I constantly pulled out my phone to take pictures)* but in the end I can look back and remember about what actually happened that day.

*My mom actually mentioned that Chinese people normally don’t take photos during funerals because they don’t want to remember that day. I just googled it. And it’s a taboo to take photos at a funeral. :/ And here I am, just posted it on Instagram for my art assignment of the week.





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