Wk #13: Classmate Conversation -Nhi Truong

My classmate of the week is Nhi Truong. Nhi is from Westminster, California and commutes to and from school. She is studying at California State University, Long Beach. She is in her second year studying Nursing.

Her favorite color when she was younger was yellow then green then red. She really liked the color yellow because she liked Winnie the Pooh. She has one older sister who goes to UCI. She is currently a tutor but she also works at a yogurt shop called Tutti Fruitti. Something she fears of the most is getting eaten by insects alive (That’s terrifying!!!)  She likes Art110 because it allows her to be creative without requiring any art skill such as modeling clay or drawing/ painting. Her favorite activity so far was the graffiti activity in week 5 because that was her first time doing graffiti.


If Nhi was in Neo’s shoes in the Matrix (and were given the choice to either take a blue pill or red pill–blue pill indicating that the story ends and she would wake up from her dream, or red pill indicating that she will be shown how deep the rabbit hole goes), Nhi chose the red pill. She would take the red pill for the adventure and to learn different things.

If you would like to find out more about Nhi, check out her website: https://nhitruongg.wordpress.com/



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