Wk #12: Artist Conversation – Sage Garver

Exhibition Information

Artist: Sage Garver

Exhibition: BIO

Media: Sculpture

Gallery: Dennis W Dutzi

Instagram: n/a

Web: n/a

About the Artist:

Sage Garver an artist from Hermosa Beach, CA. She transferred from El Camino College to California State University, Long Beach. Currently, Garver is working towards her BFA in the Sculpture program. She will be graduating in the Spring. Garver plans on moving to Hawaii to live with her sister and getting a job there. Other than sculpting, Garver also enjoys swimming, hiking, cooking, drawing, and traveling. She has traveled to Canada, Philippines, and many more.

Formal Analysis:

The exhibition, BIO was created with inspiration from Garver’s own body. This exhibit was made because of her illnesses and diseases and she wanted the represent the cells in her body. Garver created the cells by using a CNC milling machine to cut each unique shape of Polyurethane foam. The center of the room has a set of wired jewelry hanging down from the ceiling. The walls and the cells were intentionally left white.

Content Analysis:

According to Garver, the shapes on the wall are represented as cells in her body. She has been affected in her daily life because of the accumulation of diseases and illnesses, so she decided to create an exhibit based off of that. She has been dealing with it since she was young, but was recently affected in such a way. Art is something she enjoys, but she has definitely been limited by this drawback.

My Experience:

When I first walked in, I was really amazed because it wasn’t like any other exhibit I have seen. Usually there are photographs, textiles, clothes, or materials that the artist has pieced together. This one was different because it looked like it was glued on the wall. My initial thought was, “How did they do it?” and “How are they suppose to remove it?” I was confused and amazed at the same time. I really like how the shapes on the wall were similar to biology cells.



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