Wk#11: Classmate Conversation – Demi Kong

This week for classmate conversation, I was able to meet and talk to Demi Kong. She is Cambodian American, but doesn’t speak Khmer that well; she knows the basics such as, food related phrases. She lived in Texas for 2-3 years, but is currently back and living in Bellflower, California. She is in her second year. Although Demi is currently undeclared, she is looking into Healthcare Admin.

I learned that Demi is a cheerleader at CSULB. Her position is flyer. She started cheer when she was in high school. She tried out with her friend was surprised she made the team and loved it since. When I spoke to her on Wednesday, she mentioned that she was looking forward to Homecoming (which actually happened yesterday).

When asked if she had a funny, or memorable story about herself, she said that she always gets the opposite grade compared to her Biology classmates. For instance, when the whole class doesn’t do that well, she gets a good grade. & vice versa.

Demi also mentioned that she likes fan art. She made some drawings of anime characters. The reason why she likes it is because it’s an easy way to be creative without having to think of everything on your own. Like singers making covers of a song, fan art has some similar aspects of the original character, but can be executed in so many different ways.

This is Demi’s page: https://demikong.wordpress.com/



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