Wk #11: Artist Conversation – Caryn Aasness

Exhibition Information

Artist:Caryn Aasness

Exhibition: n/a

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Merlino Gallery

Media: Textiles

Website: n/a


About the Artist:

Caryn Aasness is an undergraduate at California State University, Long Beach. She is in her 4th year, and this is also in her last semester. She is working towards her Bachelors of Fine Art in the Fibers program. She enjoys using textiles. Upon graduation, she wishes to work before going back to school for her MBA. Since she is constantly working with her hands, she enjoys listening to audiobooks. Her favorite app is called OverDrive, which is basically an app with access to many different kinds of books. The app uses eBooks, audiobooks, and videos from public libraries, so a library account is needed.


Formal Analysis:

Aasness took the most time doing the backdrop. The method of setting up the quilt took the longest because she had to thread squares and go across the quilt. The reason why she wanted to do this type of craft was because she was interested in using textiles. Rather than having people just merely look at her work, she was able to make her exhibit interactive. Not only by looking at the letters through the textiles, but reading the artist statement on the wall.


Content Analysis:

The first statement of the artist statement was “Weaving is a vehicle for color, color is a vehicle for language, language is a vehicle for ideas.” The first question asks if I am comfortable–to which I answered yes to.  I answered yes to both questions and got “#5: Existing structures can be uncomfortable to live within. It is comforting to know that others also question the structures. Let’s all be uncomfortable together.”

Of all the hidden messages that she weaved into her artwork, a quote that resonated with me really well is “Speak up, Keep It Down.” I think this suits me because to some people I am the shy, quiet girl who needs to talk more or louder. On the other hand, some people see me as the overly energetic, talkative girl. Depending on my mood and my peers I act different. This relates back to the previous paragraph because it depends if I am comfortable or not.

Synthesis/My experience:

I really admired Aasness and her work. Throughout this semester I haven’t really interacted with the artwork. I thought this was cool because when I first walked in, I wasn’t as intrigued by the textiles. Each quilt looked similar, to the exception to various sizes of each quilt. It wasn’t until it was pointed out that the grid of letters corresponding to each quilt. I thought that was really amazing, because she did it in a way that made it secretive. She didn’t actually spell out each letter, again with the exception to the piece in the center titled “To Call It Cute Is To Misunderstand.”



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