Wk #10: Artist Conversation – Daniela Ionescu

Exhibition Information

Artist: Daniela Ionescu

Exhibition: La Blouse Roumaine

                       Cultural Identity/Art/Fashion

Media: Clothing

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Max L Gatov

Instagram: n/a

Website: www.facebook.com/daniela.ionescu.5

“A Romanian Blouse does not belong to any period. All peasants’ clothes are passed down from century to century without going out of fashion.”

-Yves Saint Laurent

About the Artist

Daniela Ionescu is a graduate student working towards her MA in Art History. She is Romanian and passionate about its culture. She received her BA at CSULB. Her exhibition was created in part of her thesis paper. In preparation of creating her exhibit, she started by purchasing Romanian clothing. She displayed 16 pieces, but she has over 400 pieces. Her mission is to tell the story of the Romanian blouse and the story of the women who wore it.

Formal Analysis


The first article clothing is a red blouse, from the 1950s.


The second is a festive ensemble a young wife, Arges worn. It is a borangic dress, or natural silk that was a hand woven with cool, sash, silk embroidery, and sequins from the 1920s.


The third is a man’s ensemble. It is a blouse, coat, and trousers. It is hand woven with wool and embroidered in “Schileru Style.” It is from the 1900s, but was used recently in the Spring 2015 Collection.

Each blouse tells a unique story. The stitching and patterns communicate where the wearer lived, their membership in a group and their individual identity.

Content Analysis

Dinca Schileru (1846-916) was the the creator of the “Schileru Style.” He was a poor farmer from Gorj, Romania. When Romania had an oil boom, Schileru got really lucky because the oil was found on his land, so he became rich and famous. With the money he earned, he started designing his own clothing. He called it the Schileru Style. There are many pieces similar to his design, which he had women recreate. His most recent design was worn by a model on the Valentino Spring 2015 Collection

My Experience

Walking in, I felt like I was in a little clothing boutique. I really liked this exhibition because I don’t know much about Romania and its culture. I really got a sense of Romanian culture from the clothes they wore. I really liked how passionate Daniela Ionescu was about her work.


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