Wk #9: Art Experience – Art Care Package

I really liked the concept of this week’s art experience because I haven’t sent anything out through the mail in a long time. Four years ago, I tried to mail a package. My brother and I decided to buy a pair of black Converse shoes online. I told my brother to order it for me since he was already buying a pair for himself. A week later, I was so excited for my new pair of shoes, until I opened it and it was green! Apparently he ordered olive green shoes instead of black. So I took the initiative to send them back. I mistakenly put my home address in the center of the box…so a few days later it came back to my house. Then my mom scolded me for being the age I was and not knowing how to correctly mail a package.

Anyway, back to art. This week in my Art 110 class, I was assigned to put together an art care package for a friend, relative or stranger. I wanted to make an art care package to my cousin, Vanessa because she is really crafty! I put together a few pieces that I have gathered over the years. Some of the things are from Long Beach, San Diego, Phnom Penh, Beijing, and Orlando. I really liked the floral paper because it is a different texture compared to regular paper.  I also included a bookmark from Beijing (Originally it came with two, but I am using the other one). Next to that, is a little book with gold turtles. I love turtles and I think it’s really cute because if you shake the box, then the little turtles start to shake (or dance, as well). I’m not really sure what it says on the box. I have also included a custom-painted coconut shell. She could use the bowl to put her jewelry into. There is also a little brown turtle pottery. The turtle represents our relationship really well. We both like to take our time and enjoy the little things in life. As Cambodian Americans, I also included a postcard of Angkor Wat from Phnom Penh, Cambodia that I wrote on the other side.



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