Wk #8: Classmate Conversation – Linda Nguyen

This is Linda Nguyen. 

She is a second year Biology major. One of her possible careers is to become an Orthodontist in the future. She wants to eventually go to graduate school, but is still undecided as to which school would best suit her. Her parents didn’t pressure her into Biology, they were lucky that she enjoys learning about chemistry and biology in high school and continued to major it in college. Like her parents, Linda doesn’t want to add any pressure on her kids. She says, “If they are happy with it and as long as they are the best they can be” then they pursue any career.

We have both been to the Broad museum and each found an interesting piece there. She was intrigued about an oil painting depicting the Ferguson police. It’s a black and white image of the protesting seen from the perspectives of the protestors. They are looking at the SWAT team blocking off the protest. She found this art piece powerful and emotional, and thought the contrast of the white and black of the photo really captures the emotion behind the painting.

After comparing our phone apps, we found that we had a few social media apps in common. We have Instagram and Snapchat, typical millennial apps.

Surprisingly, she is allergic to cats, but not dogs. She currently lives at home and isn’t allowed to have any dogs. So, she hopes to get a Corgi, Golden Doodle, or Maltipoo in the future.

Here is Linda’s page!


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