Wk #6: Art Experience – Flipbook

For week 6, we had the option of making a flipbook or a zine, and I decided a flipbook would be more interesting. Prior to gathering any materials, I had so many ideas! Such as making stick figures dance or run in a marathon. When I was beginning to make my flipbook, I wasn’t sure where to start like should I start with the end picture, and work my way to the beginning? Or should I start from the beginning and make it as I go? Should I already attach the index cards together? Or should I draw it on loose index cards in case I mess up?

I decided to just assemble the booklet and draw as I go.

I was thinking since it is already Fall, that I should make something related to the changes in the weather. I wanted to make a small dot turn into a flower, then have the petals slowly blow away in the wind. After I completed my flower, I had already used up all of my index cards that were tied together. So there I have it: the making of a flower, designed by Monica Lock.



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