Wk #5: Art Experience – Graffiti

This week’s art activity is graffiti writing. Luckily, my cousins let me borrow their old spray cans and allowed me to go through their recycling bin. I found this huge cardboard box  and began my project.

I was really nervous since this was my first time ever using spray paint. I definitely felt like an amateur. It was hard to press down the nozzle, so my hands felt unstable and eventually my fingers started cramping. I began by practicing on a small piece of cardboard. The blue and gold looked nicely together and I wanted to add another color.  I pulled out the yellow can from the box and outlined my letters. The color got lighter and lighter and eventually I couldn’t spray any more. The yellow was out. I wasn’t sure what to do next, so I grabbed a metallic silver and tried to finish my name. I felt pretty disappointed at that point.

Looking back, I realized that graffiti artists aren’t able to erase their mistakes. Once they misspell, or use a color that doesn’t work well together, they have to continue. Overall, this activity made me appreciate graffiti and the efforts put into each artwork because I know it wasn’t easy to think, design, and create.



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