Wk #3: Artist Conversation – Alvaro A.S.F.

Exhibition Information

Artist: Alvaro A.S.F.

Exhibition: “A Response To Classical Music”

Media: Canvas, Paint, Installation, Clothing

Gallery: Marilyn Werby Gallery

Website: Alvaro A.S.F. is in the process of making a website

Instagram: n/a


About the Artist

CSULB undergraduate Alvaro A.S.F. is working toward his Bachelor of Fine Arts in the School of Art’s Sculpture Program. He is a transfer student from LACC and is currently in his second year. Although he is studying sculpting, he began taking sketching courses at LACC. Some of his interests include working with ceramics, printmaking, and photography. In the future, he wishes to become an art teacher so that children have the opportunity to to explore art.

Formal Analysis:

The first media, located on the left side of the room, is a blank white canvas spread out on the floor. Alongside the white canvas is a white pail, pieces of white cloth, and an empty white wooden box. The second media is a video projection of Alvaro A.S.F.’s process of making the final product. The background music is Beethoven Overture Fidelio. The video is projected from an overhead projector against the wall. He chose Classical music because there aren’t a lot of classical music exposure in art. The third media is a painted canvas. The canvas is black with splotches of colorful paint. There is bent metal wire connecting a pair of jeans, a blue shirt, and a left shoe together. The bucket is spilled on the corner of the tapestry. Colors were effortlessly painted on the blank canvas.

Content analysis

After talking to Alvaro A.S.F., I realized that this piece is not a performance because he didn’t begin his work with any expectations. It was simply a response to the music. While making his piece, he wasn’t emotional or trying to dance to the music. Growing up in Los Angeles, he was constantly influenced by the people and environment around him. He wanted to respond to the people and music. 

Synthesis/ My experience

I thought it was really interesting the way Alvaro displayed his work. Walking through the doors and scanning the room left to right, I noticed it was a chronological sequence of art. I’m not sure if that was his intentions, but to me, it looked like the left is the before, middle is the process, and the right side is the result.

 It was also unique the way he presented his painted canvas because the wire is suppose to connect all of the pieces of clothing together. Also the wire is bent in a way, that shows how Alvaro had different movements throughout the process to make the paintings in such a way to respond to the music.


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