Wk #2: Classmate Conversation – Tina Tran

This is Tina Tran. She is currently a fifth year studying Biochemistry. Tina is from Huntington Beach and commutes to school. While getting to know Tina, I found out that she also played Badminton in high school.

Tina believes art is important, especially in today’s world. Interior design is an example because some people get to decide which color or material each furnishing should be. She says social media, such as Instagram is like “the art of your life.” Everything someone posts on Instagram is art, whether it is a person’s outfit or a place they visited.  Twitter is another example of art, because retweets or what someone post shows what they like. Not only is social media an art, but things like handwriting. Sometimes people write in cursive or all uppercase letters. Everyone has a different penmanship, and each way reflects that person.


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